Attitude of Gratitude

OK, so our first Abundance discussion was about focusing on the positive, seeing your blessings and enjoying them, sharing them.

Now, we can focus on gratitude. 

What are you grateful for today?  Right now?

Let’s start with our life’s breath. 

How about the computer we are sitting in front of that allows us to read this blog, communicate with our friends and family, purchase the items we want with a point and a click, google anything we need to find, etc., etc.

Is the sun out?  Yes?  Let’s be grateful for the beautiful day of warm rays.

Raining?  Yes?  Let’s be grateful for the shelter protecting us and keeping us dry.

How about a friend or family member who has helped us in numerous ways.  Have you thanked them lately?

So, when move our focus to our blessings, and acknowledge them with sincere gratitude, the attitude of gratitude will take us higher and allow for the abundant flow to move through us!

I’m grateful for you coming by to read my blog.  Thank you!!

“Everything you can imagine is real.”Pablo Picasso