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To Be Me

Hello my friend! I’ve recently accepted that I did not come here to “fit in”, and that that is OK.  It’s always easier to try to do so, but I’ve decided that I just have to be me. Yet, twice this week, I found myself doing the chameleon thing with 2 of my interactions.  In […]

“In Search of America” article — must read!

Dear Friend, As Divine flow keeps working in my life, I’ve been blessed to meet an amazing and remarkable woman, Kari Leitz, which is pronounced as “Carry Lights” while taking a hike a month or so ago. My new friend just published a very controversial article about what really happened at NASA’s last shuttle launch, […]

Inspiration Perspiration Exhileration

I am inspired, and more than anything, I am inspired to share my inspiration. How did I get this way, you ask? Good question! Through blood, sweat, tears, and lots of PERSPIRATION! Through many bad choices, and even some good choices.  Really, the whole concept of bad and good is just a judgement on our […]


Dear One, It is with great joy that I inform you that Wendy Sue Noah has been named the first “Goddess of Transformation” Oh My Goddess is  a community dedicated to spreading joy, connecting hearts and inspiring women to unzip their gifts into the world. Each month, we will be honoring a woman who is creating change […]

Authority of the Heart

  Hello my friend, Here is an article that I wrote for Sun Magazine‘s Reader’s Write area about 6 months ago, with the topic of “Authority” .  They chose not to publish it, and something recently nudged me to publish it myself , so here it is — enjoy! My confusion about who I was escalated […]

Love thy neighbor as YOURSELF!

Hello my friend, After another absolutely amazing visit at the Agape Spiritual Center (http://agapelive.com/), I really resonated with Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith’s wisdom and practice of loving your neighbor, and wishing for them the same happiness you’d like for yourself. At the service, he’s talking about literally loving your neighbor, which is whomever is sitting […]

The Yin / Yang of Giving / Receiving

When I was younger, I was really needy. Needy to be accepted, liked, appreciated, wanted.  Know what I’m talking about? This was because I had not realized who I am.  I AM that I AM.  We are all a part of the same I Am, with unique special gifts and expressions.  We are LOVE. When […]