“Be the change YOU want to see in the world” – Gandhi

This is one of my all time favorite quotes, so simple, so profound, yet so misunderstood.

What is change to you?

Is change a new haircut?  New outfit?

Or maybe a new job?  New home?

OK, yes, this is change, in the sense of something OUTSIDE of you has been altered.

A funny example that flashed through my mind this morning while brushing my teeth –> every single hairstylist I’ve had (since beyond the 70’s, where I was young and wanted to fit in with straight hair), has been amazed that I actually LIKE my curly hair, and thank God for the blessing of it on a daily basis!

All of my hairstylists share with me that it is common law that a person is ALWAYS unhappy with their hair — if it’s straight, they want it curly; if it’s curly, they want it straight, and on and on.

So, the story goes that I visit my hairstylist for a trim, and he decides to STRAIGHTEN my hair, just to show me how good I look in another style than the one God gave to me.  It’s like he was uncomfortable with me being so comfortable with me, my hair.

Of course, my kids and everyone I ran into that day LOVED my new straight hair style.  And, I admit, it was a nice CHANGE, a temporary external change.

BUT the change I’m talking about, that Gandhi’s famous quote is about, has to do with INNER change, more like transformation of how we choose to live, every single day.

For example, instead of fear, choose love.  Instead of envy, choose generosity.  Instead of anger, choose forgiveness.

That is the kind of change we all need to focus on so to make this world a brighter place for me, for you, for ALL!

And so it is…


“I was blind, but now I see ~ hence the name, Lady Clarity”.