Love thy neighbor as YOURSELF!

Hello my friend,

After another absolutely amazing visit at the Agape Spiritual Center (, I really resonated with Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith’s wisdom and practice of loving your neighbor, and wishing for them the same happiness you’d like for yourself.

At the service, he’s talking about literally loving your neighbor, which is whomever is sitting next to you at that time.  When I first starting attending Agape in person (as opposed to streaming it through my computer, which I did for about a year before taking the LEAP), this exercise made me a bit uncomfortable, as we are told to look in one another eyes, and tell your sitting neighbor how beautiful they are, and how you see their greatness, etc., etc.

As well, we are asked to hold hands with our neighbors and to wish them the same happiness in life that we wish for ourselves.  AS we are all a part of the same holographic universe, a part of the same life breath, the same Creator.

This is taking the “love thy neighbor as yourself” to another level all together!  If we can wish a stranger neighbor to have the same kind of happiness that we want for ourselves, and really mean it –> then in turn, we are sharing the love, peace and harmony that we want, and that MUST return to us, as that is Divine natural law.

To me, this is the true essence of spirituality
.  My religious friends think spirituality is this new age airy fairy thing, and it could be that to some.  For me, spirituality is about living and breathing in a space of love and plenitude for all living beings, as One.

Simple, yet very challenging, as it goes against our cultural training of being separate, better, judgmental, jealous, greedy, racist (or any of the ism’s), etc., etc.

After our Agape service, I decided to try to carry on this “love thy neighbor as yourself” concept.  So when we went shopping at the 99 cent store, I made eye contact and sent love to my fellow consumers.  It felt GREAT!  I received many smiles back, and one man actually stumbled as if he was hit with an energetic force that he was not accustomed to!


Why don’t you try it, not just with friends, family, and neighbors you see (and like or dislike) everyday, but next time you are out in public, like at a Starbucks or at the post office.  Just send love and healing thoughts to those around you.

And then let me know how it goes!! 

My vibration was lifted, was yours?

With much love and gratitude to you,

Wendy Sue / Lady Clarity

“Be a TRANSFORMIST, not a conformist”— Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith