Parent or Wuss?

Sounds like a practical question, in this day and age.

I couldn’t believe it, there I was eating my lunch with CNN’s Headline News, nothing unusual.

Then it came on, the discussion about the “sexualization” of young girls, like 7, 8, 9 year old girls.

The so-called expert came on describing how horrific it is to have young girls dressing like prostitutes (well, maybe she didn’t use that word, but you get the drift), and then she exclaimed, to my horror:

“It’s all the fault of the media and the culture.  Parents have little choice but to go with the flow, and for the ones who take a stand and tell their girls NOT to dress THAT way, KUDOS to them!”

My God!  Hello!??!  Who is in charge here, the media, the ‘cult‘ure, or the PARENTS!!

I’m seeing more and more parents who are just focused on themselves, on fitting in, on being cool, on being satisfied, etc. — instead of being a PARENT.  Our children, they are our future ~ something to look forward to, something to prepare for, something to hope for…

My daughter’s best friend moved overnight to another part of CA due to her parents’ dispute over a Facebook posting.  Really, just like that.

The other day, my kids’ school therapist told me how refreshing it was to work with a parent who really cares… as most parents just expect them to fix their kids problems in the 1 hour they spend with them a week.

It is so sad…  Maybe that is why God gave me 5 children to raise and raise UP!

If you are a parent, please see the beauty, the innocence and the future in your child(ren), who need YOU to help raise them RIGHT.

Let’s all raise up together, regardless of what is considered “normal” or not.

Let’s hold hands, let’s hug and love our children as ourselves.

Thank you!

Wendy Sue aka Lady Clarity

“Every saint has a past and every sinner, a future”  Oscar Wilde

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  1. Lora
    Lora says:

    I love you! …Is my first responce. You make me smile when I read your words. You have been inspiring ladies young and old alike and lovingly bring up yours to do the same. The world needs more wisdom….and more grace, you got both. Miss u in person.. XOU Lora

  2. CJ
    CJ says:

    LadyClarity, YOU my dear are no WUSS! And you are right on! Parents who give in to such things are stealing their children’s childhood. It’s time for the grown ups to be grown up and stand up!


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