Revealing Interview with The Lice Duchess, Logan Steiner

Please join me in welcoming my good friend and client, The Lice Duchess, Logan Steiner! I met her several years ago, when my children were infested with lice, and she was literally our savior! Logan spent hours tirelessly removing lice from each one of our heads, including me.  At that time, she was called in for emergencies, like mine. However, The Lice Duchess has stepped up her business and passion to help others, by focusing on lice PREVENTION instead of dealing with the turmoil of lice INFESTATION!

Enjoy this interview with Logan, and find out more about how any school age parent can benefit from The Lice Duchess, especially with the Summer Camp and Back To School season in mind:

Welcome, Logan! Please share with my readers, how does one become a “Lice Duchess”?

I am an RN and a midwife, so helping and educating people has always been my passion, especially when it comes to mothers and children. I volunteered to be a ‘lice-checker’ in my son’s classroom and helping parents deal with lice started the journey. I have an in-home service in the South Bay of Los Angeles to help families remove the lice and educate them on how NOT to get it again. It’s the educational part that people love because I teach PREVENTION and HOW to comb out lice.

Why are you so passionate about your work and service?

In the 8 years that I have been doing this, I have learned a lot about lice. I have also learned that parents really know very little about lice, which is a huge disadvantage because we have reached a state of ‘WHEN’ you get lice and not ‘IF’ you get lice.

I have seen so many moms break down crying from the guilt of having an infestation that’s been there for weeks. When the child complained of itching (and I tell them to ALWAYS assume lice first when a child itches) everyone sifted through the hair with their fingers, but no one saw it until lice was a severe infestation. Another reason lice are so rampant is that a lot of parents have no idea how to use the lice comb. It’s so important to know this if families want to keep their kids free of lice!

What also adds to the misery of lice is the myths and the stigma that abound, such as ‘lice come from dirty households’. I heard a mother-in-law express very disapprovingly to her daughter that ‘your house harbors lice because you don’t clean it’. You can be sure I educated the mother-in-law about how wrong and incorrect that myth is and that’s why I am so passionate about my lice education.

For example, lice live less than 48 hours off the head, so you can’t harbor lice in a household. Believe it or not, that is still a very common misconception! When I bust a myth, I love the expressions of RELIEF on my parent’s faces. They will actually hug me with relief… (yes, I will take a hug any day and I have NEVER had lice doing this work BECAUSE I lice comb myself frequently to make sure!) Through my education, I always tell parents that lice say absolutely nothing about you, how you live and where you live, except that your children are well adjusted and very social, warm and loving kids. I call lice ‘love’ because it comes through hugging, snuggling, caring and sharing. It’s what we teach our kids to do!

Because of the inevitability of contracting lice now, we cannot treat lice that same way we did before. We just can’t. We have to STOP checking through hair and learn to lice comb! The ‘super lice’, named in the media is just lice that have become resistant to the lice ‘killing’ shampoos. They don’t have ‘super powers’, they just don’t die AND, the shampoo does NOT kill the eggs! It takes 5 minutes to run a lice comb through hair and instantly tell if lice are present or not! And that’s what I am passionate about doing, teaching parents to ‘comb check’ for lice. It’s an unbelievably easy way to actually rid ourselves of lice. If everyone just combed frequently…it would disappear or be sporadic.

I do lice EDUCATION workshops that show parents how to perform these ‘quick lice check’ with a lice comb. Done routinely, this helps find lice early which makes it stress-free, easy, and cheaper to deal with. Parents keep it a secret, ashamed, and that’s why it spreads.  I find a lack of lice education everywhere, especially in the schools AND out in the communities which is where it should be. Schools just don’t want to deal with it and unfortunately there is an attitude by families that still believe their children will never get lice!

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has deemed lice a ‘nuisance, but not a health hazard,’ so now a lot of schools are doing away with the ‘no nit policy, meaning children can stay in class with or without lice. I think that’s great, but there is NO lice education to go with that either, so parents either don’t know what to do and resort to pouring chemical ‘lice killing’ shampoos on their kids’ hair without a thought of what it actually is. One mom with 2 daughters used 13 bottles of chemical lice killing shampoos. She tried every brand and couldn’t get rid of the lice. When she found me, she could not believe that my treatment was just to comb them out! I did in 2 hours what she couldn’t do in 3 months!

What prompted you to create your own lice comb, when there are so many of them out there, including your newest one?

Time and time again, going out to families to help them with their full on lice that’s affected the whole family, I would hear the same thing again and again…I checked them and couldn’t see anything.

For almost every family with a lice infestation, I have always said ‘never check hair for lice, ALWAYS comb. The beginning stages of lice are very, very hard to see and you will never find it, but run a lice comb through the hair and you will. You cannot miss.

When families comb for lice, they think of the ‘old fashioned method’ of sectioning the hair, which can take hours! So how could I expect families to do this regularly. With the lice combs on the market today, you would have to ‘section’ hair, BUT with the quick check lice comb, a mom can sweep it through the hair in less than 60 seconds and find lice if it’s present. Even that ONE bug that starts lice, can be stopped with that comb! Prevention is the most successful way of never dealing with lice!

It’s also important to stress that even if you do have lice, this comb will remove the bugs easily with NO pulling of the hair, like most of the combs do. You can comb every day for a few minutes and remove anything that shows up in the hair!

Since I started this mission, my aim has always been prevention! It’s the only way to stop lice. Stop waiting until you can see visible signs of lice, it’s always too late and then it spreads to everyone that has close contact!

Congrats! on your creation of the first lice brush, ever! What inspired you to create that?

Families often find lice in their hair brush, but can be overlooked because the base of the brush is dark and you can’t see the lice. I made a ‘lice hair brush’ with a white base and the grooves help catch lice, so it’s easy to check the brush to make sure lice isn’t present. I also believe that good hair brushing is a great lice deterrent.

And now you’ve published an eBook, “Lice Free Forever,” with the focus on prevention and education for the parent! Do you believe that this book is going to make a huge difference for parents, in the way they treat and prevent lice. If so, how?

My eBook has everything bit of advice and information I give to my parents when I do in-home consultations or when I do seminars. It has everything from ‘how to comb out lice’, what do I really need to clean in my housemate. It’s full of pictures of what lice looks like, what it doesn’t, how to do a quick check for lice, etc. It’s like having your lice busting workshop in a book! I believe that if parents are well educated about lice, it wouldn’t be as big a headache as it is now.

Thank you so much, Logan, The Lice Duchess, for your work, your sincere passion to help families in such a big loving embracive way! It’s an honor to know you and to share your good work. You can learn all about her, her services, her products and watch some of her helpful videos at:

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