The human experience is temporary, the soul is eternal!


I’ve had a very interesting (yes, the word you use when you can’t really find another adjective to describe something) few weeks when it comes to life, death, and my deep faith.

A few weeks ago, my cousin lost his dad just like that, due to a heart attack. It is so shocking when one day, your loved one is there by your side, and the next, gone! No longer in human form. No longer available to speak to or hug. That is so difficult, so tragic.

Then, a few days later, my Aunt Estelle made her transition.  For those who knew her well, this transition out of her human body, and back to her soul’s home (that some call “heaven”), was a Godsend. Estelle did not take very good care of her human body, that she borrowed for this birth, and had too many ailments to list here. The point was, at the end of her life, she had also lost her mental health, and was no longer coherent. The last time her best friend saw her, she was screaming over and over again for help in the nursing home. Her friend prayed for her to be released from a body and mind that was no longer working, in which she was obviously trapped and miserable in. And, fortunately, she let go and let God and is in Good Hands now.

I also prayed such for my wonderful Aunt, as when I spoke to her last, she was totally incoherent and frustrated with herself for her mental state. Estelle was always the scholar and cultural highbrow.  And this also brought up my anguish and frustration with my mother’s struggle. My beautiful mother was in a body that did not work for over a decade, which also included an inability to communicate with others. When she finally made her transition, I celebrated her freedom and new life! I missed her way before she passed away, and am so  grateful that my Aunt Estelle did not stay in her body that no longer worked.

Then, last night, my cousin Janis passed away, after a battle against cancer, which she lost. She was given 3-6 months to live, which gave her some quality time to spend with her loved ones, and to prepare for her passing on many levels. At the end, her family brought her to a lovely hospice, so to have the peace and serenity for a smooth transition.

Of course, we all lose loved ones, as that is a part of life, just like the four seasons and the falling of the leaves during Autumn. Mother Nature has always been a guide for me! And yes, it is definitely a loss for us, the ones left behind. However, we will make the transition someday, as well. And, at that time, we will reunite with our loved ones again, as I believe Estelle and Janis are hanging out right now, as I write this!

When it is my time to make my transition, if I could choose, I would choose to leave my body like my Grandpa Rubin did. He peacefully died in his sleep at 95 years old, healthy and strong, with a smile on his face!

Death is not the end, but the beginning of a new journey for the soul. And so, we can rejoice, as well as mourn, for the blessing of our loved ones, while they were here.

Lastly, one of my all-time favorite books, that has helped me understand so much more about life in between human life (in Heaven) is by Robert Newton, “The Journey of Souls”. Highly recommend for you to give it a read with an open heart and mind.

Please feel free to comment here, if you’d like to add something or engage in further conversation.

Thank you for your time! Appreciate you.

Wendy Sue



“See you in Heaven”

me and mom


UPDATE:  my mother passed away peacefully on June 4th, 2012.  This blog describes my last encounter with her in human form, though she has visited me several times since, taking the form of a hummingbird, my favorite bird.


My dear mother has had a debilitation disease for almost 2 decades now, and it is finally at the end of its cycle, taking all of her physical abilities and almost all of her mental capacities.

My Aunt called me to let me know that she is at the end of her life line, and it may be a good thing to visit with her, before she transitions from this life.

My mom is in a nursing home in New Jersey, across the country from my home in Los Angeles.  Due to the fact that I’m a single mom with 5 children, I knew that it was going to take a lot of faith and Divine manifestation to get over there for a visit.

After a week or so, once I let go of the frustration and anxiety, and let God, I received the $$ from family for the round-trip flight, and a few good friends volunteered to care for my precious children while I was away.

So I was off.

Haven’t seen my mom in 3 years, and was choked up inside and out when I first saw her in her current condition.  Even with the preparation from my family, I was not ready to see my mom in a body that no longer works for her.  I was not ready to see how she aged in every way, shape and form, and had very little spark or hope in her eyes, which was closed most of the time.

I tried to converse with her about many things, including updates of her grandchildren and me, and it felt like I was speaking to a brick wall.  It was frustrating, at first.  Then I lightened up, and was just with her.  Holding her hand, hugging her, loving her.

We took a stroll (in her wheelchair) in the nursing home’s garden, where we heard birds sing and saw many lovely plants and trees.  She hasn’t felt sun or fresh air in a long time, and I could feel her spirits lift.  Even asked her questions about our surroundings, and she answered in one syllable answers, letting me know she was present.

My last day with her, ran into a musician who was on her way to put on a performance for the residents.  Asked my mom if she wanted to hear some music, and she enthusiastically (very rare) nodded her head yes.  So we went, and she moved in spirit to the rhythm, and her eyes were opened more than ever.  I even danced with her arms, and sang to her (even though she has always told me that she did not like to hear me sing, I didn’t care!).

The most special thing was all the smiles I received from her, which my Aunt told me was rare, and very special.  Indeed.

After the concert (well, sort of), I painted her nails with a lovely rose color, washed her crusty face and brushed her beautiful silver gray hair.  When I left, she actually looked much better!

Had a few minutes alone with her before I departed, and I thanked her for being such a loving supportive mother.  I surrounded her with love and light, and massaged her body with healing energy, and then informed her that:

“I will see you again in Heaven.  Just let go and let God.  You are in good hands, and greatly loved.”

Hugged her one more time, kissed her on the lips… and left her in peace.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”Pablo Picasso