Wendy Sue graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, with honors.

During Wendy Sue’s college career, she spent her Junior Year Abroad at Kent University, in Canterbury, England, and had her own Canterbury Tales. 😉

Wendy Sue did an internship at a renowned PR firm in Boston, Cone Communications, and worked on the Reebok International Team, where she focused on the Human Rights Now! Tour, in which Reebok sponsored the worldwide concert in partnership with Amnesty International.

Right out of college and inspired by her internship at Cone, Wendy Sue worked at a copy place similar to a Kinko’s called Copy Inks, and launched her first “Social Conscious” PR campaign by recycling printer cartridges while raising $$ with United Way of Boston.

Read the United Way newsletter announcing our campaign »


1991 – 1994

Wendy Sue worked for Entertainment Publications in 4 different cities: Boston, Hartford, New York City and San Jose.  She earned 2 incentive trips to Hawaii and Cancun for exceeding her sales quota.  How can you not love saving $$ and building business?!

1995 – 1996

Wendy Sue launched the now famous matchmaking website, Match.Com, on the Internet in a San Francisco basement with a few pennies for coffee, a few great brains, and lots of faith! At this time, where Wendy Sue was responsible for the marketing, PR, outreach, event planning, she was asked over and over again: “Why would I meet a potential partner on a computer?” As she helped pioneer the paradigm of how people met one another in this day and age, the launching of Internet start-ups took over her career path, life will never be the same!

1997 – 2000

Wendy Sue dived into the creative ways to reach the masses through the new mass medium of the Internet, and focused on social media when it was called “online communities”.

She met Martin Scorsese at an AFI (American Film Institute) event, where he was honored as the amazing director that he is, and Wendy Sue was honored to read him his fan email and show him his fans’ websites ~ enjoy this short video clip of the memorable experience.

Wendy Sue worked with Fujitsu Systems Business of America, New Media Department on their new virtual world, called WorldsAway.  This is prior to Second Life, and the public was not yet ready for a virtual world.  Fortunately, the technology was sold and can still be found at VZones.com.

Here is a snapshot of Wendy Sue hosting an event in the virtual world, with her customized avatar.


2001 – 2008

After the dot com crash, Wendy Sue re-focused her life to building a family in Los Angeles.  Here she continued using her creative start-up skills to maintain the family budget, to stretch the almighty dollar, and to educate her children emotionally and educationally, as a home school mom.  Being a mother has taught her that unconditional love has no boundaries or limit, and that the world needs more of this to grow, expand and transform.  As she continues to do…

2009 – NOW

Wendy Sue comes back in full force, working with many start-ups on different projects, from marketing coordination to corporate event sales, to finally receiving her mission in a meditation, which is her focus now: to take “social media” to its next level, with “Social Media with a Conscience”.