4 Tips On How To Live Longer With Peace Of Mind & Heart

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My favorite part of social media is the fact that we, the people, own it.  With other mass mediums, we were the “con”sumer, sitting back and taking in whatever the media powerhouses had for us.  Today, we are the “pro”sumers, and we can create our own media to share, as well as develop relationships with like-minded people with no geographic limitation.  It is exciting times, indeed.

What holds true for our face-to-face relationships, also holds true in social media.  And so I offer these tips to you for both, but mostly, for you to truly enjoy your life and live longer, healthier, more prosperously.

TIP #1:  Feel genuine happiness for someone who has accomplished something noteworthy. 

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  Of course, why not, right?

Here’s a perfect quote to help me make my point here:

Envy is a symptom of lack of appreciation of our own uniqueness and self-worth.  Each of us has something to give that no one else has.  ~Elizabeth O’Connor

Let me share a recent story with you.  I’m shopping at a local store, and run into a neighborhood friend, let’s call her Susan.  Now Susan met me when I was escaping homelessness with my kids, and I had sent my son to her lovely home day care center for a year.

We hug one another, as always, and she asks me what’s been going on.  Since I had finally published my inspirational memoir eBook, I excitedly share with her this news.  Susan’s mouth dropped, and she straight out exclaims, “Oh my, Wendy.  I can’t believe you published a book while running your own business and raising 5 kids.  I really feel bad now.”

That was NOT the response I had expected, but at least she was honest.  Susan has a lot to be grateful for, as she is working full-time on her home business, raising her two sons and cultivating her relationship with her husband of 20 years.  My point is, that we all have our gifts, we all have our calling, and we all have our accomplishments.

Why then, should my success make her feel bad?  Do you ever experience this type of envy, as well?  If so, then drop it!  Bless the person who is doing notable things, and focus on all the praiseworthy things you are doing, or planning to do!

TIP #2:  Look at bad mistakes made as learning experiences for growth and transformation.

Thank God we are not perfect!  I read a great tweet recently how our imperfections allow us to learn and grow, become better people.  If we were all perfect, then what would be the point?!

Since we can all agree that we are not perfect, then we can all agree that imperfection leads to making errors.  We make mistakes.  Sometimes we can band aid it up for a minute, sometimes we can’t.  Sometimes our choices lead to great challenges.  But the greater the challenge, the more opportunity to grow stronger, more resilient.

OR, we can do what most of us choose to do, and feel REGRET.  What’s the point of that?  Don’t we have enough problems than to add regret to the mix?!

My cousin who read a synopsis of my eBook memoir asked me if I had regret, and if I could go back in time, would I do things differently?  A lot of people live in this mindset of wishing they could join Cher with her song, “If I could turn back time”…

First of all, we can’t.  And even if there was a time machine to do so, would you want to?  I would most definitely not.  As the mistakes I made led me to be the ‘me’ that I am today.  And I’ve made some MAJOR mistakes!

For just today, or for this week, look at your past as tremendous learning’s and if you feel regret, take that debilitating emotion and transform it to how you can now do better in the future.  Then soar forward, my friend!

TIP #3:  Look at your glass as always half full and remain receptive for more blessings.

“My Cup Runneth Over” and it really does, have you noticed?  Just take a minute to think of the blessings all around you.  Start with your health.  If you are reading this, then you are alive, you are breathing.  How about family and friends?  How about a roof over your head, a car to drive in, a delicious dinner to look forward to…

Yet we live in this lack mentality, that our glass is always half empty, and nothing fills us up.  And nothing ever will if we focus on lack instead of the plenty.  We are so blessed beyond measure.  It’s when we feel gratitude for all that we do have, that we will see how our cup is truly runneth over and over again.  Get those paper towels, your cup is spilling!  😉

Try this today, or for the full week.  See abundance, not lack.  And then share it!

TIP #4: Give from the heart just because, without the requirement to receive something back in return.

Again, this sounds so much simpler than it really is to do.  This is not because we are selfish people or that we don’t like to give to others.  No, not at all.  It’s mostly because we are in a culture that lives by this tit for tat mentality. I catch myself doing it, now that I practice mindfulness around this topic.

Imagine this as another Golden Rule ~ it’s as prevalent as gravity.  When you drop a book, it falls.  When you give from the heart, you open yourself up for blessings.  It may not be from the same person you gave to, most likely, it won’t be.  But it will come to you, just surrender any expectations and be aware when it arrives in your lap.

This personal example is funny to me, because it actually makes dollars and sense!  I received an extra $20 bill from a supermarket when I requested for cash back.  As a single mom in tight financial quarters, I almost took it.  But that is not my path, and I know it is not mine.  So I returned it to the stunned cashier and went about my day.

Within the same week, I received a check in the mail from the state of CA for $21!  It was out of the blue, and I still don’t know why it was sent to me.  Check it out, I earned $1 interest, not bad!  My other stories are not so methodical, but I know without doubt, when we give from the heart, the blessings will pour in…

I even started a Facebook group called “The Blessing Exchange” to share our blessings with one another.  Come on by and share and care!

So grateful to you, for your time and friendship.  Please feel free to comment below on your impressions here.

Big hugs to you,

Wendy Sue

5 Tips On How To Be A Decent Citizen In The SM World



What amazing times we live in today!

We have such a Divine opportunity to reach out, to meet, to greet people from all over the planet.  No geographical boundaries here!  Yes, we are in remarkable times indeed.

However, unlike any mass medium we have today, we the people are actually an active part of this growing space.  Unlike before, with film, radio, TV, where we would sit back and “CON”sume the media that was given to us, now we are “PRO”sumers, and making the SMW (Social Media World) what we want it to be!

We are in the driver’s seat here, my friend!

Since social media has become a global digital community, we must remember first and foremost the Golden Rule that applies to all people that we are in relation with.  With this in your heart, the rest will be so much easier:

“One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.”

TIP #1 ~ Give thanks & gratitude generously, to anyone who you inspires you, to anyone whose posts you share, to anyone who you feel grateful for.  Period!  Share the gratitude, there’s always more to go around, and it will definitely come your way.  Promise!

It will truly benefit you to give credit where credit is due, instead of stealing someone’s worth for your own.  Anyone can copy and paste, and in school, they call that plagiarism.  It’s really no different here.

A Twitter example for you.  I posted a fabulous business success quote from a business leader, and I found the exact quote, copy and pasted into one of my follower’s tweets!  Maybe he didn’t know any better, or maybe he did, but on Twitter, retweets are one of the greatest WOM (Word of Mouth) gifts of gratitude that you can give to someone.  So instead of taking it as his own, he should have done a “RT @WendySueNoah – amazing quote here”.  This would have given him the same content AND would have appropriately thanked me for using one of my tweets.

And now to practice what I preach here, I’d like to sincerely thank you for taking the time to read this blog and for your interest in being a good SM citizen!

TIP #2 ~ Offer value to others.  In other words, instead of the very outdated 80’s ME generation WIIFM (What’s In It For Me), try the conscientious compassionate WIIFY (What’s In It For YOU).  Again, interact this way and see how others engage you in the same way!

Whether you call it karma or “what goes around comes around”, it really works like this.

On Twitter, my profile text starts off with, “How can I serve YOU?”  This may sound a little strange to many, maybe even come off as a way to push my services.  Yet, I really mean it.  Like here I am, to serve you.  How can I do so?  Let me know.

When I come from that place, then my clients know, without question, that I am on their side, first and foremost.  And new clients get my sincerity to serve them from a heart space, not a “pay my rent” space.

Recently, I received a tweet from a new follower that was so sincere, in which she actually visited my website to find out who I am beyond my Twitter profile, that I met her for lunch and have found a forever friend, possible future collaborator.

The power of love extends through our hearts, whether it is in the RW (Real World) or in the SMW (Social Media World) .

TIP #3 ~ Share accolades, complements & congrats! frequently, with smile icons to boot!  I actually prefer hearts, which is why it is a part of my logo, as seen above.  Why not liven up boring text?! 😉

Let’s take this tip to the RW.  When someone smiles at you, isn’t that an immediate lift of mood?  Even better, when someone compliments you, doesn’t that make you feel great inside?!

I’m not talking about insincerity here.  If you do not have something nice to say, or feel a smile in your heart, don’t fake it.  Fake comes through in the RW the same as in SMW.

However, if one of your social media friends posts something that they are proud of, like publishing a new book or blog, or receiving a promotion or losing 10 pounds or whatever, well, take a moment and send a “congrats!” message.

This can be as easy as clicking “like” on Facebook, or clicking “favorite” on Twitter, which will bookmark it for you as a reminder to respond, when you have the time to do so.

On a personal level, I find it hard to understand why it seems so difficult for people to share in the abundance of someone’s good news.  I wonder, is it because they are jealous, or just too caught up with their own stuff?

Here’s a quote I tweeted a few days ago, and it was retweeted several times, so it hit a chord.  Maybe this may provide some perspective here:

“Comparison is the thief of joy” ~ Dwight Edwards #BeYourself

TIP #4 ~ Respond when someone speaks to you!  Even if you are too busy to respond at the moment (one of the benefits of social media), or maybe you aren’t sure HOW to respond, make a mental or physical note to return later and… RESPOND!

When someone takes the time to engage with you, engage back.  Same as in the RW, right?

And remember, it is OK to agree to disagree.  Actually, through the SMW, people’s opinions and feelings are more transparent.  You can have coffee with a friend for years, talking about your lives, but did you know that they support gay marriage, for example?

They didn’t change, they are still the same person you like, right?  It’s OK for us to have different views, that’s what makes the world go round.  Actually, I see this as a HUGE benefit to the SMW, because it allows us to get out of our narrow life in order to expand our horizons and to open up to other races, cultures, religions, beliefs, etc., etc.!!  Believe me, that is a good thing. 🙂

So, instead of unfriending a friend on Facebook because you do not agree with their politics or religious beliefs, you can practice tolerance for another’s beliefs.  You would want that same respect ~ Golden Rule here!

For me, I follow some conservative right wingers on Twitter, so to get their perspective on things, since I am a love, peace and harmony left winger.  Helps me to learn more, open up my understanding more.

TIP #5 ~ Think & breathe before you type AND post! 

If you are in a bad mood, or feeling angry toward someone or something, take a walk.  Do yoga.  Meditate.  Hit a pillow.  Do NOT post!

Same goes for if you are feeling extra expressive due to some alcoholic persuasion, do not post!  I would even recommend removing your keyboard so that you do not get tempted.

It’s much easier to release frustration or rage behind a computer, which is why we must be extra careful here.

Once we post, it’s on the Internet forever.  We can’t take it away.  We can delete it later, but those who’ve already read it, well, they read it.

Bottom line.  Treat others with the same dignity and respect that you’d like to be treated with, and see how we can create a SMW with love, peace and harmony.

Yes, I do believe it can be so.  ‘Cause it is what we all really want for ourselves, therefore, we want it for each other.

Now let’s go out there and be that Outstanding Global Social Media Citizen!

Let’s bring in Peace on Social Media Earth <3



Social Mediums comparable to Social Gatherings

partyI read this tweet a few months back, and it really hit home for me. It went something like this:

“Facebook is like having friends over in your living room. LinkedIn is like going to a Chamber of Commerce networking event. Twitter is like going to a loud party or bar.”

Yes! That is truly a realistic way to look at three of the top social mediums. If we are able to translate our real social life to our virtual social life, I believe it will help us navigate what can seem, to many, as overwhelming. The truth is, the Internet has provided us with the boundless phenomenon of connecting like-minded people on a global scale, with no geographical boundaries. Now is that astounding, or what?!

And just like in the real world, no one likes to get pushed, shoved or yelled at! I know this sounds obvious, but yet, so many are entering the social media world and doing just that.

If someone compliments you, you say, “thank you”, right? Same in the social media world! If someone retweets you, then take a moment to say, “thank you”. If someone shares one of your posts on Facebook, then give them some gratitude. Maybe even return the favor, why not? Most likely, if your tweet or post was shared, then you share something in common with this person.

Another point to consider is how you approach these different gatherings. For example, if you are attending a Chamber of Commerce networking event, you may not take off your shoes, kick back and share intimate details of your family life. Or if you are hanging out in a friend’s living room, you may want to expand upon a topic that is important to you, instead of condensing it into 140 characters! LOL

Same thing in the social media world. With tools like Hoot Suite, many people are copying and pasting the same text to be posted in several social mediums. This is the quick and easy route, but it also has the look and feel of a mass produced message instead of consciously offering something distinctive to that particular community.

Even if the message is the same, it would be well worth that diligent effort to tailor it. For example, you may place a strategic hashtag on a power phrase / word on Twitter, and you may provide more details on Facebook, for example.

It definitely takes more time and more of a conscientious effort, but for me, it is totally worth it! Social media is all about relationship building, and less like ad blasting. Relationship focused marketing = social media.

One of my favorite comparisons of the old marketing paradigm, compared to the new social media paradigm is this:

Before the Internet, we were 110% “CON”sumers. We would sit back and consume the media that was fed to us. Now, with Social Media, we are “PRO”sumers, as we have the ability to interact, to share our own ideas, and be pro-active!

Want to hear more about “Social Media with a Conscience” ~ email me at: email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Thank you for taking your time to read my blog and visit my new website!