4 Tips On How To Live Longer With Peace Of Mind & Heart

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My favorite part of social media is the fact that we, the people, own it.  With other mass mediums, we were the “con”sumer, sitting back and taking in whatever the media powerhouses had for us.  Today, we are the “pro”sumers, and we can create our own media to share, as well as develop relationships with like-minded people with no geographic limitation.  It is exciting times, indeed.

What holds true for our face-to-face relationships, also holds true in social media.  And so I offer these tips to you for both, but mostly, for you to truly enjoy your life and live longer, healthier, more prosperously.

TIP #1:  Feel genuine happiness for someone who has accomplished something noteworthy. 

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  Of course, why not, right?

Here’s a perfect quote to help me make my point here:

Envy is a symptom of lack of appreciation of our own uniqueness and self-worth.  Each of us has something to give that no one else has.  ~Elizabeth O’Connor

Let me share a recent story with you.  I’m shopping at a local store, and run into a neighborhood friend, let’s call her Susan.  Now Susan met me when I was escaping homelessness with my kids, and I had sent my son to her lovely home day care center for a year.

We hug one another, as always, and she asks me what’s been going on.  Since I had finally published my inspirational memoir eBook, I excitedly share with her this news.  Susan’s mouth dropped, and she straight out exclaims, “Oh my, Wendy.  I can’t believe you published a book while running your own business and raising 5 kids.  I really feel bad now.”

That was NOT the response I had expected, but at least she was honest.  Susan has a lot to be grateful for, as she is working full-time on her home business, raising her two sons and cultivating her relationship with her husband of 20 years.  My point is, that we all have our gifts, we all have our calling, and we all have our accomplishments.

Why then, should my success make her feel bad?  Do you ever experience this type of envy, as well?  If so, then drop it!  Bless the person who is doing notable things, and focus on all the praiseworthy things you are doing, or planning to do!

TIP #2:  Look at bad mistakes made as learning experiences for growth and transformation.

Thank God we are not perfect!  I read a great tweet recently how our imperfections allow us to learn and grow, become better people.  If we were all perfect, then what would be the point?!

Since we can all agree that we are not perfect, then we can all agree that imperfection leads to making errors.  We make mistakes.  Sometimes we can band aid it up for a minute, sometimes we can’t.  Sometimes our choices lead to great challenges.  But the greater the challenge, the more opportunity to grow stronger, more resilient.

OR, we can do what most of us choose to do, and feel REGRET.  What’s the point of that?  Don’t we have enough problems than to add regret to the mix?!

My cousin who read a synopsis of my eBook memoir asked me if I had regret, and if I could go back in time, would I do things differently?  A lot of people live in this mindset of wishing they could join Cher with her song, “If I could turn back time”…

First of all, we can’t.  And even if there was a time machine to do so, would you want to?  I would most definitely not.  As the mistakes I made led me to be the ‘me’ that I am today.  And I’ve made some MAJOR mistakes!

For just today, or for this week, look at your past as tremendous learning’s and if you feel regret, take that debilitating emotion and transform it to how you can now do better in the future.  Then soar forward, my friend!

TIP #3:  Look at your glass as always half full and remain receptive for more blessings.

“My Cup Runneth Over” and it really does, have you noticed?  Just take a minute to think of the blessings all around you.  Start with your health.  If you are reading this, then you are alive, you are breathing.  How about family and friends?  How about a roof over your head, a car to drive in, a delicious dinner to look forward to…

Yet we live in this lack mentality, that our glass is always half empty, and nothing fills us up.  And nothing ever will if we focus on lack instead of the plenty.  We are so blessed beyond measure.  It’s when we feel gratitude for all that we do have, that we will see how our cup is truly runneth over and over again.  Get those paper towels, your cup is spilling!  😉

Try this today, or for the full week.  See abundance, not lack.  And then share it!

TIP #4: Give from the heart just because, without the requirement to receive something back in return.

Again, this sounds so much simpler than it really is to do.  This is not because we are selfish people or that we don’t like to give to others.  No, not at all.  It’s mostly because we are in a culture that lives by this tit for tat mentality. I catch myself doing it, now that I practice mindfulness around this topic.

Imagine this as another Golden Rule ~ it’s as prevalent as gravity.  When you drop a book, it falls.  When you give from the heart, you open yourself up for blessings.  It may not be from the same person you gave to, most likely, it won’t be.  But it will come to you, just surrender any expectations and be aware when it arrives in your lap.

This personal example is funny to me, because it actually makes dollars and sense!  I received an extra $20 bill from a supermarket when I requested for cash back.  As a single mom in tight financial quarters, I almost took it.  But that is not my path, and I know it is not mine.  So I returned it to the stunned cashier and went about my day.

Within the same week, I received a check in the mail from the state of CA for $21!  It was out of the blue, and I still don’t know why it was sent to me.  Check it out, I earned $1 interest, not bad!  My other stories are not so methodical, but I know without doubt, when we give from the heart, the blessings will pour in…

I even started a Facebook group called “The Blessing Exchange” to share our blessings with one another.  Come on by and share and care!

So grateful to you, for your time and friendship.  Please feel free to comment below on your impressions here.

Big hugs to you,

Wendy Sue

The Natural Law of Abundance for All


It’s pervasive, I can feel it in the air, this heavy energy of “not enough-ness” that is all around me.  It’s the opposite of what I know to be true, which is that there is plenty of abundance for all, and that it is as real as the wind blowing through my red curly hair, or the birds singing their sweet songs overhead.  

“Why do so many miss it”, I wonder?

From the Chinese restaurant take-out, who was extremely stingy upon providing me with extra soy sauce and hot mustard packets, and then charged me for extra fortune cookies (after I explained that it was a meal for 6 of us).  The food was quite delicious, but I gently explained to my children why that was our last visit there.
Even a gumball machine I treated myself to the other day, where with a quarter, I would usually get a handful of these small square colorful coated gum.  And guess what, only 1 little piece of gum came out!  When this “not enough-ness” effects gumball machines, we know we are in for trouble!  LOL
Then there is social media, which is a TOTAL blessing to us, yet way under-utilized for the purpose of raising the consciousness and the prosperity that naturally occurs when people interact with care, and SHARE!
In other words, we can use this remarkable gift of connection, of global consciousness, to expand our worlds, our perspectives, and to share our gifts with others!  If you like someone’s blog, and it touched you or provided you with useful information, share it, like it, comment on it!
If you are moved by someone’s art work or music, share it and let others enjoy it, too!
The more we share, the more we give, the more we prosper, and the more we transform our lives!  
One of my favorite Authors and Master Teachers, Napoleon Hill, stated such back in the 1960’s:

Give to Get. . .
by Napoleon Hill

Your most preciously valued possessions and your greatest powers are often necessarily invisible and intangible. No one can take them. You and you alone can share them.
The more you share, the more you will have.
Now if you doubt this, you can prove it to yourself by giving: a smile to everyone you meet; a kind word; a pleasant response; appreciation with warmth from the heart; cheer; encouragement; hope; honor, credit, and applause; good thoughts; evidence of love for your fellowmen; happiness; a prayer for the godless and the godly; and time for a worthy cause with eagerness.
If you do experiment by giving any one of the above, you will also prove to yourself what we have found is one of the most difficult principles to teach those who need it most: how to cause desirable actions within yourself. Until you do learn, you will fail to realize that what is left with you when you share it with others will multiply and grow; and what you withhold from others will diminish and decrease. There, share that which is good and desirable and withhold that which is bad and undesirable.
Now that is outstanding advice, and one we can take with us into our everyday lives, on and off the computer.
Please accept my gift of a virtual hug (and if we ever meet in person, a physical one.  I love to hug!).  Look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Professional Opportunities are waiting for YOU!


Hello my friend!This video above is one of me and Martin Scorsese, at a Hollywood party back in 1997, where he was being recognized as the very talented Director that he is (at an AFI event), and I was totally blessed to be a part of the webcast team who put this party on the Internet, AND to be the one to introduce Martin to the Internet, by reading him his fan email and showing him his fan’s web sites in honor of him!How did I land there, you wonder?  Well, two very close friends of mine had a webcast business, and were hired to do this event.  While hanging out with them in their living room, they spontaneously invited me to join them, as they needed additional help in which I had the skills for.  Sure the $$ was small, but the experience was HUGE!
I want to start here to reveal the point of this blog entry, that anything is possible, that spreading your professional (and personal) horizons is really in your hands!  Really!  Really!Let’s look at this dim marketplace, bad economy, etc., etc.  Getting a full-time professional office job is, well, let’s say, outdated… Sure, they are out there, and if that is what YOU really want, then keep knocking at those doors.In the meantime, let’s open up our mind and hearts and venture out of our comfort “what would be perfect” zone when it comes to work (and life).

I’ve come to the place and understanding that there really is a Divine flow in place, and all is well, life is abundant, if we do not place limitations on ourselves!

So, with that in mind, I’m going to present a different kind of scenario for our bleak job market with a simple question.  How many friends do you know that can use some of your assistance in some way, shape, form?

In other words, is there someone you can offer your services to (even if it isn’t what you went to college for), who can offer you something in return.  It may be cash (which we all like).  It may be a little cash and a barter of some sort.  Yes, we need to pay the rent, but are we doing that feeling bad for ourselves knocking on the wrong doors and losing our self-worth and confidence?

So for now, please think of 5 people that you know that you believe you can assist in some way.  Then make contact with them, invite them for a coffee or a walk, and present what it is that you think you can do.

See how they respond, see what doors open up.  Knock, Knock on the doors that may open for you, and then abundance and prosperity start to flow in…

Let me know how it goes!

Love, peace and ABUNDANCE to you,

Wendy Sue


“Life is a gift.  Enjoy the ‘present’ with gratitude!”
 –  Wendy Sue Noah

The Yin / Yang of Giving / Receiving

When I was younger, I was really needy.

Needy to be accepted, liked, appreciated, wanted.  Know what I’m talking about?

This was because I had not realized who I am.  I AM that I AM.  We are all a part of the same I Am, with unique special gifts and expressions.  We are LOVE.

When I was in my needy stage, I was an obsessive GIVER because giving (favors, money, time) was my way to “buy” others acceptance of me.

Then there came a time in my recent life, where I needed to receive for basic needs like shelter, food ~ for me and my tribe of 5.

It was through this experience that I learned the true Divine nature of giving / receiving as a Yin / Yang cycle of wholeness. 

I call it just that –> the Yin / Yang of Giving / Receiving.  It makes the world go round and opens up to more abundance for ALL.

Deepak Chopra states in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, “There is something that you can do better than anyone else and for every unique expression of that talent and unique expression of that talent, there are also unique needs.  When these needs are matched with the creative expression of your talent, that is the SPARK that creates AFFLUENCE.”

With that in mind, I have started a “Blessing Exchange” community on Facebook, where we can safely and lovingly exchange our gifts and blessings, and in the same way, request for gifts and blessings.

Please accept my invitation to join at:


See you there, and thank you for YOU!

Wendy Sue / Lady Clarity

“Hang on tight and pretend it’s a plan.” — Dr. Who

Abundance means to Aggressively BELIEVE!

OK, let’s move into the “B” of ABundance…

In order to thrive, one must truly BELIEVE that they are already thriving, that they will continue to thrive, and that abundance is waiting for their shiny cup to overflow with blessings!

Belief is not just visualization, though it definitely helps the process. 

As does positive affirmations.   Whatever works to get your belief system in gear is a good thing! 

For me, it’s a walk in nature.

When I stroll in my favorite garden, I observe how the rose bud from last week had transcended into a magnificent delicious and intricate flower.  Or I remember my favorite analogy, the caterpillar!  From a hairy worm-like creature, it literally transforms into an illustrious butterfly, adding its beauty and grace to the garden and to our planet.

That is you.  And me.  We can choose to enter into a metamorphosis, if we so choose.

It’s nature’s way to expand, blossom and live in ABundance!  All we have to do is remove our un-stuff (anger, resentment, jealousy, selfishness, hoarding, etc.), so we can flow and grow, and transform leaps and BOUNDS!

It’s right there, can’t you see it?  Feel it?  Touch it?!

Then embrace it and believe your way to an amazing day and to ABundance!!

Love to you,

Wendy Sue aka Lady Clarity

“I was blind, but now I see ~ hence the name Lady Clarity”. 
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ABUNDANCE begins with an A

Let’s look at ABUNDANCE.

Let’s start with the first letter, A.

A is for Apple.

We learned that in our very young years as a part of learning the basics of the alphabet, yes?

Well, later on we learned that apples actually keeps us healthy!  “An apple a day helps keep the doctor away”.

Another fact.

A also stands for the Alpha, as in the Alpha and Omega.

A is for the ALL that is…

And the truth is, that the beginning of the realization of Abundance is to see, with REAL EYES, that we are all a part of the All that Is (or the Divine), and the all that is, is ABUNDANCE!!

There is no recession in Heaven.
  It’s about tuning in to the Divine, and going with the flow…

Next we will discuss the letter B… and get that Ball rolling!

Have a great weekend!

Wendy Sue aka Lady Clarity
At Your Service!

“Every saint has a past and every sinner, a future”  Oscar Wilde

Challenge as Opportunity

Yes, this reality is very pertinent to us individually, as a family or group, as a nation, and as a planet.

This blog was inspired by Yehuda Berg’s Kabbalah quote this morning:

“Problems are problems because you see them as problems.   
Today, look at your problems as obstacles. 

With obstacles, there’s challenge.  With challenge, there’s purpose. 

With purpose, there’s fulfillment.”

This statement as a reality has really worked for me over the years, and has helped me transcend “good or bad”, “right or wrong”.

Not to say that I don’t see things as such, or judge circumstances in this way ~ it’s just now I am aware that it is just that, judgments.

When we tap into the Universal Flow of the “All That Is”, there really is no black and white, unless we choose to make it so.

And since our thoughts are, in fact, our reality, if we choose to see black, bad, wrong, then so it is, and so is our life.

If we are able to see beyond the color or label, and see that we have an opportunity to grow, prosper and reach a new level of fulfillment, then we can do such!!

OK, this sounds good, but let’s get real.  How can we look at the tragedy in Japan and NOT feel horrible?  My daughter Ocean has ordered ME to stop crying and start praying!  LOL  — by the way, she learned that from me!

And she is correct.  We don’t need added worry, tears, grief, fear here, there’s PLENTY of that to go around ~ Japan needs our love, prayers, hope, faith and whatever help (financial or energetic) we can offer to assist them at this difficult time.

The Earth is changing, just as we are.  Shifting, emerging (love, faith), sinking (fear, doubt) — we are all One, and we all need to keep our vibrations up and lift one another. 

Especially when we look at our so-called problems with gratitude, because we can take this as a stepping stone, a trampoline to jump to what’s next.

Not that I’m a problem seeker, as there are plenty going around — but I’m in a place now where I can feel blessed instead of stressed, to overcome “problems” or challenges, as it is a new opportunity to transform, to grow!

Let’s butterfly together as ONE!!

Love you,

Wendy Sue

“Once upon a choice, I dance to the rhythm of my soul,” Reverend Michael Beckwith

The Criteria for Leadership ~ Napoleon Hill

What does it mean to be a Leader?

Well, being a mom (parent) is leading little one’s with open hearts and open minds toward a beautiful life.  That is one of the greatest leadership gifts of all!

Of course, there is the leadership in the workforce, in politics, and overall in all establishments of society with titles like President, Manager, Entrepreneur, Owner, Principal, etc.

Then there is spiritual leadership in the church as Minister, Rabbi, Priest, etc.

What I have found firsthand, however, is that there is leadership in our every day waking lives by the way we live and what we project toward others. 

For example, are we going to lead others to patience while waiting at a long queue in a store.  Instead of looking at our watch over and over and cursing the wait, how about turning to the person that is waiting next to you and sparking a lovely conversation.  By showing up as patient, others around you will relax.  That is true leadership.

How about smiling with sincerity at someone who is a supposed stranger to you?  This may just brighten their day enough for them to spread the smile and warmth with others… I’ve seen this domino effect occur over and over!

So, how are you going to be a leader today?!

I found this amazing list from Napoleon Hill on how to be a leader, that I wish to share and practice, as well!  Enjoy!

The Major Attributes of Personal Initiative
by Napoleon Hill

Personal initiative heads the list of qualities a successful leader must possess. These qualities are:

  • Personal initiative.
  • The adoption of a definite major purpose.
  • A motive to inspire continuous action in pursuit of a definite major purpose.
  • A Master mind alliance through which you may acquire the power to attain your definite purpose.
  • Self-reliance in proportion to the scope and object of your major purpose.
  • Self-discipline sufficient to insure mastery of the head and the heart, and to sustain your motives until they have been realized.
  • Persistence, based on the will to win.
  • A well-developed imagination, controlled and directed.
  • The habit of reaching definite and prompt decisions.
  • The habit of basing opinions on known facts instead of relying on guesswork.
  • The habit of going the extra mile.
  • The capacity to generate enthusiasm at will, and to control it.
  • A well-developed sense of details.
  • The capacity to take criticism without resentment.
  • Familiarity with the ten basic motives that inspire all human action.
  • The capacity to concentrate your full attention upon one task at a time.
  • Willingness to accept full responsibility for the mistakes of subordinates.
  • The habit of recognizing the merits and abilities of others.
  • A positive mental attitude at all times.
  • The habit of assuming full responsibility for any job or task undertaken.
  • The capacity for applied faith.
  • Patience with subordinates and associates.
  • The habit of following through with any task once begun.
  • The habit of emphasizing thoroughness instead of speed.
  • Dependability, the only requirement of leadership that can be stated with one word – but no less important to success on that account.

There are qualities of minor importance which leadership in many fields of endeavor may require, but those listed above are on the must list of all able leaders. Measure any successful leader by the list and observe how many of the traits he applies, although he may do so unconsciously.

God bless you,

Wendy Sue / Lady Clarity

“Living Happily Ever After, how ’bout you?”

Attitude of Gratitude

OK, so our first Abundance discussion was about focusing on the positive, seeing your blessings and enjoying them, sharing them.

Now, we can focus on gratitude. 

What are you grateful for today?  Right now?

Let’s start with our life’s breath. 

How about the computer we are sitting in front of that allows us to read this blog, communicate with our friends and family, purchase the items we want with a point and a click, google anything we need to find, etc., etc.

Is the sun out?  Yes?  Let’s be grateful for the beautiful day of warm rays.

Raining?  Yes?  Let’s be grateful for the shelter protecting us and keeping us dry.

How about a friend or family member who has helped us in numerous ways.  Have you thanked them lately?

So, when move our focus to our blessings, and acknowledge them with sincere gratitude, the attitude of gratitude will take us higher and allow for the abundant flow to move through us!

I’m grateful for you coming by to read my blog.  Thank you!!

“Everything you can imagine is real.”Pablo Picasso

Abundance is YOURS!

Worried about stuff, lots of stuff?

Like your job, or lack of one?  Or maybe overall financial concerns, how to make ends meet?

First step toward abundance is to allow for abundance.  Well, who wouldn’t allow for such, you ask?

In lay man’s terms, if we put our energy and emotions into a negative depleting arena, then there really is no room for Divine intervention, which is where abundance lives and where it patiently waits.

It’s actually true.

And a pretty simple concept.

Instead of focusing on all that you DON’T have, try to do a turn-around and focus on all that you DO have.

With gratitude and a change of attitude, anything is possible…!!

Give up the sense of lack, doom, jealousy, envy, etc.  All those downer emotions, the ones that weigh you down.  Time to rise!

Listen to the birds singing to you, enjoy the sun warming your body and soul, cuddle up in your cozy bed with a good book, feel and share the love of family and friends, etc.

You can’t control circumstances, but you can control your reaction to them, and your focus on the doom or on the ZOOM!

Try it, you’ll like it.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”Pablo Picasso