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The human experience is temporary, the soul is eternal!


I’ve had a very interesting (yes, the word you use when you can’t really find another adjective to describe something) few weeks when it comes to life, death, and my deep faith.

A few weeks ago, my cousin lost his dad just like that, due to a heart attack. It is so shocking when one day, your loved one is there by your side, and the next, gone! No longer in human form. No longer available to speak to or hug. That is so difficult, so tragic.

Then, a few days later, my Aunt Estelle made her transition.  For those who knew her well, this transition out of her human body, and back to her soul’s home (that some call “heaven”), was a Godsend. Estelle did not take very good care of her human body, that she borrowed for this birth, and had too many ailments to list here. The point was, at the end of her life, she had also lost her mental health, and was no longer coherent. The last time her best friend saw her, she was screaming over and over again for help in the nursing home. Her friend prayed for her to be released from a body and mind that was no longer working, in which she was obviously trapped and miserable in. And, fortunately, she let go and let God and is in Good Hands now.

I also prayed such for my wonderful Aunt, as when I spoke to her last, she was totally incoherent and frustrated with herself for her mental state. Estelle was always the scholar and cultural highbrow.  And this also brought up my anguish and frustration with my mother’s struggle. My beautiful mother was in a body that did not work for over a decade, which also included an inability to communicate with others. When she finally made her transition, I celebrated her freedom and new life! I missed her way before she passed away, and am so  grateful that my Aunt Estelle did not stay in her body that no longer worked.

Then, last night, my cousin Janis passed away, after a battle against cancer, which she lost. She was given 3-6 months to live, which gave her some quality time to spend with her loved ones, and to prepare for her passing on many levels. At the end, her family brought her to a lovely hospice, so to have the peace and serenity for a smooth transition.

Of course, we all lose loved ones, as that is a part of life, just like the four seasons and the falling of the leaves during Autumn. Mother Nature has always been a guide for me! And yes, it is definitely a loss for us, the ones left behind. However, we will make the transition someday, as well. And, at that time, we will reunite with our loved ones again, as I believe Estelle and Janis are hanging out right now, as I write this!

When it is my time to make my transition, if I could choose, I would choose to leave my body like my Grandpa Rubin did. He peacefully died in his sleep at 95 years old, healthy and strong, with a smile on his face!

Death is not the end, but the beginning of a new journey for the soul. And so, we can rejoice, as well as mourn, for the blessing of our loved ones, while they were here.

Lastly, one of my all-time favorite books, that has helped me understand so much more about life in between human life (in Heaven) is by Robert Newton, “The Journey of Souls”. Highly recommend for you to give it a read with an open heart and mind.

Please feel free to comment here, if you’d like to add something or engage in further conversation.

Thank you for your time! Appreciate you.

Wendy Sue



How To Make Sense & Make Peace With Today’s World

Help! This planet is spinning out of control…

So what is happening here? It’s becoming crazier and truly insane out there.

Unfortunately, this does not shock me, though it hurts me in a deep way, especially with a tribe of five to raise in this chaotic unsafe environment.

We are looking at shifts of energy all around us. For example, look at all the hatred and racism spitting out of the Republican Presidential candidate, as if we are a part of a rated B reality show when it comes to voting in the leader of the Free World. WHAT?!

Then look at Orlando, and the way Baptists actually protested at one of the victim’s funeral?! And the killer was born and raised in a Christian nation, as a New Yorker, so he felt great shame for having gay tendencies. I’ve met so many gay people who hated themselves because of religious doctrine and non-acceptance.

Just to reveal how deep this goes, I posted an article about how the Pope suggested that Catholics apologize for the way they treat gays (after Orlando, of course), and one Christian woman posted that she will not do so, as the Bible states that it is an abomination, so therefore, there is no questioning a book that is 2 K years old with many humans editing it over the years. My response was if Jesus came back and said the same thing, to love one another, including gays, she would still defend the bible. Tunnel vision has led us here, my friend!

Now we have a Rodney King level of chaos around us, and it is all wrong. It all effing sucks! No one should be killed, ever. Guns are everywhere and we are in danger as a nation, as a planet.

This is where my faith comes in, once again. It led me out of Skid Row with my tribe of five when their father threw me out on the street, to now. I know there is a Higher Source of Love. Some call this Source, God. But unfortunately, the name God has too much baggage. So for me, the Higher Source is LOVE. We need to pray, to love, and to let go of our own prejudices and anything that stands in the way of loving our human family, regardless of their skin color, their nationality, their religion, their sexual preference, etc. We are all here as a gift from the Source, and we are here to share the Source’s love. Not hate!

It really is in our hands now. As Gandhi states, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”


Underneath we are all the same

Obscene Green Transforms Into Queen Green


Huh?  What does that even mean?  Talk about an obscure title, right?

This blog started brewing for me last month, as I was taking my Spiritual Mother, Leonora, out to celebrate her 82nd birthday.  Perfect day out on the patio, with the hummingbirds greeting us, and the butterflies flashing by.  As we were doing our usual in-depth catch up session, she remarked on how pretty I looked in my green dress.  I thanked her kindly, and went on to show her my matching green purse.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks ~ I grew up hating the color green and refused to wear it until I was close to 20 years old.  How could that be?

So my story goes like this.  In my Elementary School, there was a boy we all called Jack ‘Boogerman’, because he was always picking his nose.  Whenever anyone saw something green, they would scream out loud, and exclaim that Jack Boogerman left some of his snot there.  So green became associated with gross boogers at an early age.

And like so many of us, the things that we are taught or influenced by as a child remains with us, even if it makes absolutely no sense, like the repulsion I had for the color green.

Fast forward to college.  I am studying in England, doing the Junior Year Abroad program.  My best friend, Ange de Lumiere, an exchange student from Paris, bought me a gorgeous green wool cardigan for my birthday.  And I balked, right in front of her, after profusely apologizing for not being able to accept her gift, ‘cause I don’t do green.

She was shocked!  Not because of my reaction to her hand-picked gift, as much as my refusal to include the abundant color of green into my life and into my wardrobe.  “But, Wendy, you are a red-head!  Green is a brilliant color for red hair.  You’ve got to try it, please………”, she pleaded with me.  Since our friendship was so dear to me, I caved in and put on the warm green cardigan.  After looking in the mirror, I was totally blown away by how radiant the color green was on me!

I will be forever grateful to Ange for paving the green way for me.  Green is a color of royalty, as Mother Nature herself has infiltrated her grass, her trees, her plants with green, green, green.  And guess what?  I am a tree hugger, a nature lover.  Green is also the color of money, and hey!, I love money!  Let’s not also forget, green is an impeccable complement to a red-headed vibrant woman, such as myself.

As I share this story, I hope you take a moment to look at your own life.  Maybe you didn’t have a dear friend like Ange to hit you over the head with something that was blocking you from something GREAT!  Just take a moment now.  What in your life were you told as a child (or even as an adult), that you know does not really make sense any more, but feels safer to hold on to anyway?

We are here for a short time to enjoy our lives, and make the most of this gift called LIFE.  So if there is something inhibiting such, why not let it go and see what’s behind door #2 or #3?  I am always amazed about how many doors fly open when I release the old and open up to the new.

I welcome you to share your “green” story right here in the comments below.   Thank you for hearing my story.

Big hugs to you,

Wendy Sue

20 Year Anniversary in Hotel California!

Dear Friend,

golden_gateTalk about bravery, or craziness ~ still not sure which, maybe it’s a combination of the two. In any case, 20 years ago today, on January 15th, 1994, I took a 1-way flight from Boston to San Francisco, to start my new life.

Let me be a bit more specific here. I lived on the East coast my whole life, and had a very challenging time with the unbearably cold winters and the suffocating conservative mentality.

Through out high school, I knew that CA was my calling card, and talked about it regularly to friends and family. They laughed it off as California dreaming.

Until I finally figured out how to make the move through a company that I was working for, in which I exceeded my sales quote two years in a row with incentive trips to Cancun and Hawaii. They have offices in every major city, and upon my request, transferred me to their San Jose office.

20 years ago, when I said goodbye to all my friends and family, there was little, if any, support for me. What I received was a lot of Jewish guilt, and friends who turned away.

When I arrived in San Francisco, the sun was setting, and I was emersed in orange, red and purple clouds upon landing here. I did not yet have 1 friend in CA, but I knew that I was truly home.

After 6 years in the Bay Area, which included launching Match.Com in a San Francisco basement and celebrating my 30th X-mas Eve birthday with over 40 amazing friends (which never happened before, due to being born at a very busy family holiday time), to now living in LA LA land & being so very blessed with a tribe of 5 and with 80 degree temperatures in January!

My celebration is about leaping into the unknown, and allowing the blessings, as well as the challenges, to come in stride and with pride!

What is your most adventurous leap of faith?

Thank you for joining me in the celebration of life!

Hugs to you,

Wendy Sue

The Serendipitous Summer of ’13

Welcome to my new blog space!

And what a space it is ~ stay tuned and subscribe, I promise to entertain and enlighten you.

I’ve just completed a whirlwind of a summer with my tribe of 5 home for 2 1/2 months. There was 7 weeks of camp, which provided some sense of normality, but, as you can imagine, it was very busy and overwhelming much of the time.

So they started school this week, and this is my first time sitting down to write since June! Yes, I write for clients’ blogs and such, but I mean to write for me, which includes moving forward with a book I’ve been working on.

Yet, with all of this craziness, I must tell you the truth. This was one of my best Summers EVER! How so, you wonder?!

Let me list the serendipitous adventures for you:

~ The Summer started with a Divine unconditional love hug from Saint Amma, which not only filled me up with love and comfort, but gave me great hope for our Planet.

~ A good friend who was always there to help me with my kids, Kim, was packing up to move to Florida. I wanted to offer her a special thanks and goodbye gift, but had no idea what that looked like. Then came the Facebook post from a good friend that if any of his LA friends’ were interested, he could get us into the exclusive The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, an invite ONLY excursion.

So I jumped on it, and hooked up with a well-known Magician who was performing there that weekend, and who put me and Kim on his guest list! I found a last -minute babysitter, and we had a most exciting magical evening.

The main door to the inside of the Castle is a bookshelf with no doorknob, and the only way it opens is when you say, “Open Sesame”! Emoji

~ My tribe and I were invited to a friend’s beach party in Venice, which is literally his front yard, as his home is also his beach ashram.

Not only did the kids have a blast splashing around in the ocean, but we made new friends that have already blessed our lives tremendously.

One is Ken Weingart, a very talented professional photographer, who has done a complimentary photo shoot of Torah to expand his portfolio and for me to approach Agents with –> check it out at:

Our other new friend, Fanny, is also Jewish, and has invited us to several home cooked Shabbat dinners in her lovely beach home –> actually, we are going to be there tonight, as well!

~ It just keeps getting better! The last weekend of summer, Bonnie and her son, Nathan, who are a part of our Spiritual Family, invited us to go camping overnight at a local Wilderness Park in Redondo Beach. Now it is nothing like I am used to when I hear “wilderness”, but for a beach and concrete city, it is definitely reasonable!

They so lovingly brought all the food, tents, stove, etc., and we all had our first family camping experience! For me, it’s been almost 20 years, prior to marriage and motherhood, so it was a REAL Divine treat! Pictures of our trip can be found here. Enjoy!

~ Last, but most definitely not least, I had myself a romantic dinner and passionate moonlit beach kiss. No more information here, so don’t even think of asking! It just was what it was, and I look forward to more yin / yang interactions, which is like a red plump cherry on my already delicious sundae of life… Emoji

So, how was your Summer? Please share with me in the comment section here. Life is all about sharing and caring.

Big hugs to you,

Wendy Sue

What 2013 Means to YOU!

It’s a New Year — YIPPEE!

I love new starts, new perspectives, new adventures…

How about you?

‘Cause 2013 is not only a new year, but a new age, a new time for our planet’s history…

What does that mean, you ask? 

Well, can’t you feel the energetic shift, the change all around us?!  It’s the Age of the Aquarius, & the beginning is near!

There is a SHIFT, which starts inside us, and is then revealed on the outside.  This shift includes the letting go of the lack and struggle mode, the self-centered “me” instead of “we” mode.

It’s now time to open up to the Divine Abundance that surrounds all of us, and will continue to bless all of us as we bless one another, as ONE!

Life will always be full of challenges and disappointments; it’s all about how we perceive such, and how we choose to keep ourselves focused on our gifts and the sharing of such.  That is the bottom line NOW.

The question to all of us, then, is what is our Divine Appointment (in our human form) at this time to Humanity?

That is THE question and the way for 2013!

Social Media now brings our world together, and we can use such as a flow of consciousness, as a way to help one another, whether we live next door or across the planet!

Now how cool is that?!!!!!!!!

Wishing you a most spectacular and Abundant New Year!

2013 is here, NO MORE FEAR!!

Love and peace to you,

Wendy Sue

“Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside, awakens.
 –  Carl Jung

To Be Me

Hello my friend!

I’ve recently accepted that I did not come here to “fit in”, and that that is OK.  It’s always easier to try to do so, but I’ve decided that I just have to be me.

Yet, twice this week, I found myself doing the chameleon thing with 2 of my interactions.  In other words, I too easily went into the lowest common denominator mode, without keeping my heart and soul on higher ground. 

The higher ground is one that I work hard to stand and fly on, regardless of the turmoil that surrounds me.  This takes great work and discipline, and now I see, also protection.

My first interaction was with a friend who has a lot of challenges and complaints about a lot of people.  I don’t usually engage with her on this level, yet when I had a challenge with a certain person who was changing my living situation reality, I went right into agreement with her, “That sucks, I can’t believe he’s doing this to you without blah blah blah.”

After I hung up, I could feel the negativity running through my energetic field, aura.  Yuck!  Then I stepped into his shoes, and saw his reality.  He was doing what he could do in a bad situation, and if he could help more, he would most definitely do so.

Internally, I made a shift and forgave myself first, and then him.

My other interaction was a potential babysitter that I was interviewing, and we went into an ego battle about who’s trauma was worse!  Is that sick, or what?!  I’m embarrassed to even admit this to you, but the ego can be dastardly if let loose.  Because she was doing the “I’m superior thing, ’cause look at what I survived.” does not mean that I should have brought out my superior spiritual sword to battle with her.  So silly!

What I really got is that in order to be me, I must remain centered in the Divine, in the All that Is, and even when there are challenges (which are constant), that does not excuse my behavior to join the negative, life sucks and then you die, train.

I truly love my life and my spiritual path of Joy and Abundance. 

So we all have a choice — do we want to participate in the anger, negativity, war of the worlds, or do we wish to remain in love, peace, harmony?

If we make a choice to be truly happy, then it is up to us to stay on the positive path, at least to the best of our ability! 

Life is too beautiful to drink poison, don’t you think?

Love and hugs to you,

Wendy Sue aka Lady Clarity

“Life is a gift.  Enjoy the ‘present’ with gratitude!”
 –  Wendy Sue Noah

The Mitzvah of Mensch-hood (or the Blessing of Giving)

Hello and Happy Summer Solstice!

Summer has always been my favorite, with long warm endless days, laughter, ice cream and concerts in the park, etc., etc.

So I thought it would be a great time to open up to the “Mitzvah of Mensch-hood”, or the Blessing of Giving, as we enter this magnificent new season.

For those who are not familiar with the Jewish terms of ‘mitzvah’ and ‘mensch’, please allow me to define for you.

A mitzvah is a very special word to define a blessing, which usually connotates an offering, involving giving / receiving.  The Jewish religion is BIG on charity, on giving, and for those who are blessed to receive, it is a mitzvah.

A mensch is someone who gives freely, with no strings attached.

When you combine a mitzvah with a mensch, well, then we allow for great prosperity and abundance to surround us!

And so my story goes, a new friend who was referred to me by a colleague asked me to help him with online marketing and such.  Instead of going the, “what’s in it for me” route, and asking for $$ or whatever, I decided to graciously offer him assistance from the heart. 

Not only do I have an amazing man and friend for life, but he just stopped by with a brand new video camera (mine had broken and I was considering purchasing one) as a “thank you” gift.


It is the season to share and to care — Happy Summer, my friend!

Hugs to you,

Wendy Sue / Lady Clarity

“Life is a gift.  Enjoy the ‘present’ with gratitude!”
 –  Wendy Sue Noah

The Auspicious Magical Biblical Number of 40

Dear friend,
As a friend of mine just turned the auspicious year of 40, it has inspired me to share what makes this year so, well, magical!

For example, have you ever noticed how significant the number “40” is in our religious scriptures?   Let’s start with Moses, who after 40 years of wandering in the desert, died within sight of the Promised Land.  Plus, Moses was on the mountain with God for 40 days, in two separate occasions.

Remember, in the Book of the Exodus:

(Exo 24:18 KJV) And Moses went into the midst of the cloud, and gat him up into the mount: and Moses was in the mount forty days and forty nights.

(Exo 34:28-29 KJV) And he was there with the LORD forty days and forty nights; he did neither eat bread, nor drink water. And he wrote upon the tables the words of the covenant, the ten commandments.

Let’s go to Jesus, with his 40 days and nights of meditation in the desert.  In Matthew 4:1-2 KJV, it states:

“Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. {2} And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, he was afterward an hungered.”

And most awesome was Jesus’ return after his crucifixion, which was 40 days after Jesus was last seen on earth.

(Acts 1:3 NIV) “After his suffering, he showed himself to these men and gave many convincing proofs that he was alive. He appeared to them over a period of forty days and spoke about the kingdom of God.”

And we cannot forget my dear Relative, of which I carry his name ~ Noah, himself!  As it states in the Torah and in the Bible, “It rained for 40 days and 40 nights when God wanted to cleanse the world and start over.”

And then, after the rain stopped, Noah waited another 40 days after it rained before he opened a window in the Ark.

To end this fascinating research project, let me remind us of the Egyptians 40 day period for embalming for the preparation for their loved one to go to the afterlife.

(Gen 50:3 KJV) “And forty days were fulfilled for him; for so are fulfilled the days of those which are embalmed: and the Egyptians mourned for him threescore and ten days.”

NOW, allow me to personalize the most transformative year of my life, which happened to be… (drumroll please), yes, you guessed it.  Age 40!

It was in this year that my ex-husband literally threw me out on the street after a decade of abuse / control, and took our children away from me.  Homeless, childless and penniless in one day – talk about challenges!

Winking smile

It was at this time that I could have dug a hole for myself to crawl in and wither and die (what he was expecting, of course), or to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes and fight for what’s right.  My children.

Our freedom.

Our new life.

And so, with great faith AND with the Divine magic of my 40th year to carry me through, I won full custody of my children, and here we are, in a most magnificent and blessed life!

Please share with me your stories about turning 40, or your experience with this magical number…

Wishing you a 40-like kind of day, year, life!

Love and hugs to you,

Wendy Sue

“Life is a gift.  Enjoy the ‘present’ with gratitude!”
 –  Wendy Sue Noah