A giver or a true giver?

Hey you.

Yes, you.  I’m talking to YOU.

We all like to give to a certain extent, as it makes us feel good, and we hope we will receive in return.  Yin and Yang.  Give and Take.  Love and hate.

Life is a trip, and we can either let the wind blow us from here to there, like leaves, or take a hold of the steering wheel, and take the trip from the heart.  That is the only GPS device worth mentioning here…

The heart is the center, the core of who we are.  Are we giving to get something back, including satisfaction and ego along the lines of, “they really need me”, or even better, “poor them, let me help them”.

OK, I’m talking from a place of being there, and now here.  Well, in a quick synapses, I went from being thrown out on the streets — homeless, penniless and childless (ex had full custody of my 5 children with a temporary restraining order) — to now, after almost 2 years of great struggle, faith and help — living in a lovely 3-bedroom home in a decent neighborhood with food, clothes, furniture… and even a good consulting job (during a bad economic downturn).

Miraculous.  Yet true.

So what has happened?

Well, a few of my good friends who have helped me in so many amazing ways when me and my children were down and out, are now lashing out at me with jealousy and envy.  How can that be?

Maybe it is because they were helping us to be better than us, or to feel like they were important because we really need the help?

Isn’t that all ego talking?  EGO – Edges God Out.

I’m hurt, but not personally offended, as I know it is their trip, whether they choose to be blown by the wind or to grab the steering wheel and find their heart, their love.

Thanks for listening… and please, always give from the heart, without ego.  That’s when you will see your offerings come back to you, and multiply.  I promise.

Wendy Sue aka Lady Clarity

“Be the cause of time, not the effect of it” — Yehuda Berg