I AM blessed with many gifts, with a big heart & with the desire to be of service to you, to our planet. Enjoy my blog, and please feel free to comment and engage with me here!

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Here I am… believing and stating that I am open, flexible and able to see all perspectives…  I am spiritually astute, able and willing to embrace All. Well, it’s true.  I guess.  To a certain degree.  Who am I comparing myself to, anyway?! This week had gone from one offense, due to believing that I […]

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I’ve turned away from the dogma and rigidness of “religion” for most of my life, taking the spiritual path. Now, with a tribe of 5 children, we attend a metaphysical church called Unity, which suits us well.  It takes the Bible as a metaphysical journey of learning (as opposed to getting stuck on each word […]

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Have you ever felt so blessed, so grateful, that tears swell up in your eyes? I’ve always been blessed, as we all are — but it took me from going to hell and back (literally) to REALIZE how blessed I truly am.  How many years I spent looking outside of myself for fulfillment, for acceptance. […]

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To recognize Lent, Unity Church has offered it members its own Spiritual Lent to focus on: I AM fasting from criticism, and feasting on praise.I AM fasting from self-pity, and feasting on joy.I AM fasting from ill-temper, and feasting on peace.I AM fasting from resentment, and feasting on contentment.I AM fasting from jealousy, and feasting […]

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Download 45lesonsinlife-091118003935-ph.pps Hello, Enjoy this magnificent slide show with bits of wisdom and winter beauty. Be sure to click twice on each picture that comes up, and have the speakers on. Wishing you all a joyous loving holiday season and abundant new year! Love and hugs, Wendy Sue Life is too short to worry about […]

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It’s so interesting. Even after miraculous proof that God has brought me and my children out of homelessness and deep despair, our friends and church members insist that I need a man, or Super Nanny, in order to be OK. I am OK, actually, I’m better than OK!  I am that I am.  And I […]

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BE THANKFUL (author unknown) Be thankful that you don’t already have everything you desire.  If you did, what would there be to look forward to? Be thankful when you don’t know something, for it gives you the opportunity to learn. Be thankful for the difficult times.  During those times you grow. Be thankful for your […]

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As a single working mom with 5 darling children, I do not have much time for the movies, or extracurricular activities. Yet, last night was a grand celebration of my 2-year anniversary of rebirth and new life.  So, I hired a friend to babysit, and met a new friend for a movie date. We were […]

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This came to me from our Unity Church and has helped me see where the “peace” is missing, or where it is blossoming.   For me – #8 and #12 are ones that has become an integral part of my being-ness, and has brought me tremendous inner peace and joy.  Yet, #5 and #7 are still a challenge for […]

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Hey you. Yes, you.  I’m talking to YOU. We all like to give to a certain extent, as it makes us feel good, and we hope we will receive in return.  Yin and Yang.  Give and Take.  Love and hate. Life is a trip, and we can either let the wind blow us from here […]

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I am thoroughly getting the concept “what goes around comes around”. “What you sow is what you reap” or just plain “Karma”! The more I remain open, in mind and heart, the more comes my way. The less I stress about whatever, the more abundance I am blessed with. It’s because of all our worries […]

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Hello my friend, Been reading a truly awesome book called True Prosperity by Yehuda Berg, an internationally renowned expert on the Kabbalah. After years of dipping into the Kabbalah, with the desire to honor my Jewish roots and my spiritual pull toward mysticism, Yehuda Berg is the first person I have found to be able […]