Kabbalah’s “Survivor Consciousness” = True Prosperity

Hello my friend,

Been reading a truly awesome book called True Prosperity by Yehuda Berg, an internationally renowned expert on the Kabbalah.

After years of dipping into the Kabbalah, with the desire to honor my Jewish roots and my spiritual pull toward mysticism, Yehuda Berg is the first person I have found to be able to put a 4000 year old philosophy into every day terminology that we can understand and embrace.

The chapter I’d like to discuss now is called “Survivor Consciousness”.  It is the first time I’ve been able to actually READ what it is that has given me the strength and Divine power to bring me and my children out of homelessness, to now a lovely 3-bedroom home in a decent neighborhood (and for those of you who are familiar with my recent escapade, including ALL of the tremendous challenges in between!).

Please allow me to quote from True Prosperity

“One of the most powerful tools for achieving true prosperity is survivor consciousness.  This is the state of mind that makes it possible for people to overcome even the most unspeakable of horrors; it’s that hunger for life that you find in survivors of the Holocaust death caps, or the killing fields of Cambodia or Rwanda…

“People who possess survivor consciousness are literally unstoppable.  How many times has Donald Trump gone bankrupt and emerged more successful than before?”

“Survivor consciousness is a state of mind in which you feel as if your life were hanging in the balance, and spiritually speaking it is – for if you stop growing spiritually, you die.”

This makes perfect sense to me and is what I previously called, “NO pain, NO gain”.  Then after much debate and input, I’ve changed my stance to “Transform pain into gain”.

Now I realize (with REAL eyes) that what it’s really about is taking our pain and stress into the Light, to use it as a tool for clarity, to provide us with certainty about the goals that we are determined to reach.

It’s with this “survivor consciousness” that I survived 10 years of horrific domestic violence, and turned what appeared to be a totally hopeless situation into one tremendous blessing after another.

There has been many miracles for me and my children over the last 2 years, and I believe one of the ways we were open to the abundance of the universe was through this consciousness, as well as my unfaltering faith and connection to a Higher Source.

If there is a major problem in your life, don’t avoid it.  Look at it head on and translate it into Light — how can it take you to a higher place?   It’s there to help move you to what’s next, if you so choose.

We all have the ability to tap into this, and we don’t NEED a crisis to activate it.

What can you do today to activate your “survivor consciousness”?

God Bless YOU,

Wendy Sue / Lady Clarity

“A Quitter Never Wins – AND – A Winner Never Quits.” — Napoleon Hill

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  1. Dan Shafer
    Dan Shafer says:

    Wendy Sue…..

    I am glad you have found a way to have a secure blog away from the prying eyes that would seek vainly to do you, a champion of survival, further harm! I discovered posterous a few weeks ago but I have not yet been able to get it to work for me as a way of moving my blog posts to my other Social Networking sites. We’re still working on it, though.

    The Kaballah is a fascinating work. It comes up over and over again in my own mystical travels and one of my fellow teachers here in Monterey teaches primarily from its text. I know it to be a beautiful and deeply insightful work from which I’m sure you will continue to draw many deep life lessons.

    It is so good to see and hear you doing well. Few people I know deserve it more or wear it more graciously.

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