Things aren’t what they seem…

Here I am… believing and stating that I am open, flexible and able to see all perspectives…  I am spiritually astute, able and willing to embrace All.

Well, it’s true.  I guess.  To a certain degree.  Who am I comparing myself to, anyway?!

This week had gone from one offense, due to believing that I know better than they, to one assumption that someone would be a certain way ’cause of past experience, to a limited fear (which also caused offense) that was holding me back from helping someone else in need.

WOW!  I’ve been humbled, and am grateful to see that without my limitations, I’d have no way to excel, to fly, to reach new heights!

Time to fly!!

Have a great weekend, my friend.

Wendy Sue aka Lady Clarity

“Everything you can imagine is real.”Pablo Picasso

God is Love, regardless of what God we worship.

I’ve turned away from the dogma and rigidness of “religion” for most of my life, taking the spiritual path.

Now, with a tribe of 5 children, we attend a metaphysical church called Unity, which suits us well.  It takes the Bible as a metaphysical journey of learning (as opposed to getting stuck on each word and verse as the ONLY truth), and presents Jesus as the Christ Consciousness, and how each and every one of us can embrace and live as Jesus did, with the same loving consciousness and being-ness.

What I am working on myself is my assaultive negative reaction to Christians, whom I’ve dealt with all my life, shoving Jesus down my throat as the ONLY way to God and Heaven.

And they totally and thoroughly believe that their religion, their understanding of such, is the end all and be all.  Period.

Well, I believe that Jesus is probably very sad to see His followers using Him to do the opposite of love, to promote favoritism (if you don’t believe what we do, you are going to hell), judgment, and total closed-mindedness.

For me, I’ve been trying for ages to develop a personal relationship with Jesus, minus the religious fervor around Him.  This is a goal for me, as it is not His fault.

My faith is so real and so profound, that it amazes me that my Christian friends believe that something is missing in my life, that I don’t know the “truth”, that I need Jesus to be OK.

I am more than OK, I am Divinely inspired and thoroughly blessed.  My spiritual path and relationship with God provides me with so much strength, love and bliss.

So, how can they see me, and who I am, and believe that I’m going to hell, or that I am “off base”?

This has come up even stronger for me now, as a very close friend just “found Jesus” again (brought up Christian, then explored other avenues, and is now back) and I am having a real difficult time dealing with this reality.  She’s not trying to convert me, but believes, as stated above, that I need Jesus to be OK, and that I’m going to hell otherwise.

A very good friend of mine wisely told me to just say, “Well, you may be right”.  That may work for an acquaintance, but not for a close friend.  I need to align myself with others who are on the path of LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY of all living beings, of all of God’s creation.

Any advice? 

Please let me know how I can love those who do not love in the name of Jesus?!

Thank you, and God bless you,

Wendy Sue aka Lady Clarity

“Everything you can imagine is real.”Pablo Picasso

I AM fasting from…

To recognize Lent, Unity Church has offered it members its own Spiritual Lent to focus on:

I AM fasting from criticism, and feasting on praise.
I AM fasting from self-pity, and feasting on joy.
I AM fasting from ill-temper, and feasting on peace.
I AM fasting from resentment, and feasting on contentment.
I AM fasting from jealousy, and feasting on love.
I AM fasting from pride, and feasting on humility.
I AM fasting from selfishness, and feasting on service.
I AM fasting from fear, and feasting on faith.

It is so!  AMEN!!

“Dreams Come A Size Too Big So That You Can Grow Into Them.”  Josie Bissett

A Holiday Gift


Enjoy this magnificent slide show with bits of wisdom and winter beauty.

Be sure to click twice on each picture that comes up, and have the speakers on.

Wishing you all a joyous loving holiday season and abundant new year!

Love and hugs,

Wendy Sue

Life is too short to worry about what’s next.  Enjoy what’s now!

To be in this world, but not of this world

It’s so interesting.

Even after miraculous proof that God has brought me and my children out of homelessness and deep despair, our friends and church members insist that I need a man, or Super Nanny, in order to be OK.

I am OK, actually, I’m better than OK!  I am that I am.  And I trust that God will lead us to what is next, as He has led us to what is here.  Here = Bliss.

Why is it so difficult for people to see that we are blessed? 

In all truth, that they are blessed, too, if only they let go of the “ways things are supposed to be” and let in the way “things can be” with faith and affirmation. 

We need to empty our glass in order for the Blessings to fill it up.  Worry, concern, the ways of this world as the ONLY way — all that fills up our glass to the rim.  No room left.

Let’s let go of the limitations of “how things are supposed to be, or should be” to open up to “the infinite blessings of the Universe”.

Thanks for listening.

Wendy Sue / Lady Clarity

Life is too short to worry about what’s next.  Enjoy what’s now!

“Surrogates” movie left me with many questions

As a single working mom with 5 darling children, I do not have much time for the movies, or extracurricular activities.

Yet, last night was a grand celebration of my 2-year anniversary of rebirth and new life.  So, I hired a friend to babysit, and met a new friend for a movie date.

We were going to see “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs: An IMAX 3D Experience”.  This was after much research, to find that there are no highly rated films, and at least this one will provide an experience, an adventure.

However, my friend was late, and we ended up seeing “Surrogates” with Bruce Willis.  This movie was actually my first choice, as I love Sci-Fi, but the reviews were negative.

And as it happens through out life, everything happens for a reason.  “Surrogates” was an excellent film in expressing the concept of what might happen to us humans if we were given the opportunity to change our looks and presence by choosing a surrogate, a robot, that we are programmed into and can virtually live through.

We can be beautiful, thin — have blond long hair (blond’s do have more fun, right?), or have the muscles of a man who works out at the gym every day for 20 years.

On top of that, are we morally responsible for what we do through our surrogate?  Can we take more risks, act more daring, less cautious? 

This reminds me of the early days of virtual worlds, which I was a part of in 1996 San Francisco.  Now, it has developed to the most popular “Second Life”, where through digital representations of oneself, we can be whomever we want.  And, we can express that part of us that may not be accepted or acceptable in the “real world”.

As a human race, as technology progresses — it is more important than ever to grasp who we are, inside and out.  To accept and love who we are, and to make the necessary changes we need to in order to be a better person. 

No technology can hide who we really are, from others or from ourselves. 

Don’t you agree?

“Faith is a passionate intuition. William Wordsworth

Symptoms of Inner Peace

This came to me from our Unity Church and has helped me see where the “peace” is missing, or where it is blossoming.
For me – #8 and #12 are ones that has become an integral part of my being-ness, and has brought me tremendous inner peace and joy.  Yet, #5 and #7 are still a challenge for me, ones I’ve been consistently working on and making some progress.
How about you?

  1. A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than on fears based on past experience.
  2. An unmistakeable ability to enjoy each moment!
  3. A loss of interest in judging other people.
  4. A loss of interest in judging self.
  5. A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others.
  6. A loss of ability to worry. (This is a very serious symptom).
  7. A loss of interest in conflict.
  8. Frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation.
  9. Contented feelings of connectedness with others and with nature.
  10. An interesting tendency to let things happen rather than to make them happen. (Or as I say, to go with the flow, to let go and let God).
  11. Frequent attacks of smiling.
  12. An increased susceptibility to the love extended to others as well as the uncontrollable urge to extend it.

Written by Saskia Davis, at


“Be the cause of time, not the effect of it” — Yehuda Berg

A giver or a true giver?

Hey you.

Yes, you.  I’m talking to YOU.

We all like to give to a certain extent, as it makes us feel good, and we hope we will receive in return.  Yin and Yang.  Give and Take.  Love and hate.

Life is a trip, and we can either let the wind blow us from here to there, like leaves, or take a hold of the steering wheel, and take the trip from the heart.  That is the only GPS device worth mentioning here…

The heart is the center, the core of who we are.  Are we giving to get something back, including satisfaction and ego along the lines of, “they really need me”, or even better, “poor them, let me help them”.

OK, I’m talking from a place of being there, and now here.  Well, in a quick synapses, I went from being thrown out on the streets — homeless, penniless and childless (ex had full custody of my 5 children with a temporary restraining order) — to now, after almost 2 years of great struggle, faith and help — living in a lovely 3-bedroom home in a decent neighborhood with food, clothes, furniture… and even a good consulting job (during a bad economic downturn).

Miraculous.  Yet true.

So what has happened?

Well, a few of my good friends who have helped me in so many amazing ways when me and my children were down and out, are now lashing out at me with jealousy and envy.  How can that be?

Maybe it is because they were helping us to be better than us, or to feel like they were important because we really need the help?

Isn’t that all ego talking?  EGO – Edges God Out.

I’m hurt, but not personally offended, as I know it is their trip, whether they choose to be blown by the wind or to grab the steering wheel and find their heart, their love.

Thanks for listening… and please, always give from the heart, without ego.  That’s when you will see your offerings come back to you, and multiply.  I promise.

Wendy Sue aka Lady Clarity

“Be the cause of time, not the effect of it” — Yehuda Berg

What You Give Returns Ten Fold

I am thoroughly getting the concept “what goes around comes around”.

“What you sow is what you reap” or just plain “Karma”!

The more I remain open, in mind and heart, the more comes my way.

The less I stress about whatever, the more abundance I am blessed with.

It’s because of all our worries and stress that we hold on tight to what we do have, as if our cup is half full.

Yet, if you open up your gifts to the Universe, your cup will runneth over.

I promise — it’s an Universal law in place.

Real briefly, a neighbor is fixing up a home to be rented, and came over looking for a vacuum belt.  Well, at first, I told him straight out that I don’t have an extra belt, sorry. 

Then he looked a bit disappointed, so I asked him if there was anything else I could offer him.

He immediately lit up, and said, “yes, a vacuum?”

That I have! 

Soon after, he came over and offered to post the gate on my fence – something my landlord has promised to do, when he has the time to do so.

Well, now we can securely fence our home in at night, and my darling landlord can focus on planting us that grass for our front yard instead!

Life is such a beautiful gift.

Thank you for reading, sharing and being!

“Be the cause of time, not the effect of it” — Yehuda Berg