Celebrating my 10-year anniversary of being thrown out on the street with nothing of this world, but GOD!

My dear friend,

On 9/29/2017, I will be celebrating my 10-year celebration of being thrown out on the street like trash, leaving me homeless, penniless and childless. Liberation Day!

And look at us (me and my tribe of five) today! We are shining examples of what miracles can occur when you turn your heart and mind to God. To LOVE. To real faith, with “real eyes”.

Most of you have heard my “story,” so I will not detail it here. However, if you’d like to learn more, I did write an inspirational memoir on our perilous circumstance, which included winning custody of my five children, and then being homeless with them for six months, and then all the miracles that occurred to bring us to where we are today! Here it is for your review and consideration:


I am interested in writing a second book now, to describe how life continues to get better and better, when you tap into a deep faith, where you know that the Universe has got your back, and that LOVE is the ruling force to share and to receive, just like your in and out breath.

Also, that everything is a learning experience, especially our mistakes. If we learn, we grow. If we defend and point fingers, we don’t grow.

Most importantly, I’ve discovered that gratitude makes everything look so much more beautiful and lively! When you are grateful for your life breath, hey, you are reading this, right?! Congrats for being alive!! Are you in a comfy bed with a roof over your head at night? Congrats!! Do you have nice clothes to choose from before your day starts? Yay!!! And on and on and New York on…

My memoir ends where we are now in a safe nice home, and my kids had been accepted in a Talent Agency. One child was in a national commercial and another is a model for a national children’s clothing line and will be in an episode of FX’s “Better Things” this Fall. But wait! There’s more!

My oldest child received a full-ride “Presidential Scholarship” to college, where she now attends as a Freshman. WOW!

And the blessings continue on and on and on! Raising 5 kids single-handedly, without a partner or family (who are back east) has been most definitely challenging. And it still is. Yet, the blessings and the LOVE makes everything else worth it.

I thank you for you, and for taking the time to read this and to being a part of my life.

Love and light to you,

Wendy Sue





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