Obscene Green Transforms Into Queen Green


Huh?  What does that even mean?  Talk about an obscure title, right?

This blog started brewing for me last month, as I was taking my Spiritual Mother, Leonora, out to celebrate her 82nd birthday.  Perfect day out on the patio, with the hummingbirds greeting us, and the butterflies flashing by.  As we were doing our usual in-depth catch up session, she remarked on how pretty I looked in my green dress.  I thanked her kindly, and went on to show her my matching green purse.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks ~ I grew up hating the color green and refused to wear it until I was close to 20 years old.  How could that be?

So my story goes like this.  In my Elementary School, there was a boy we all called Jack ‘Boogerman’, because he was always picking his nose.  Whenever anyone saw something green, they would scream out loud, and exclaim that Jack Boogerman left some of his snot there.  So green became associated with gross boogers at an early age.

And like so many of us, the things that we are taught or influenced by as a child remains with us, even if it makes absolutely no sense, like the repulsion I had for the color green.

Fast forward to college.  I am studying in England, doing the Junior Year Abroad program.  My best friend, Ange de Lumiere, an exchange student from Paris, bought me a gorgeous green wool cardigan for my birthday.  And I balked, right in front of her, after profusely apologizing for not being able to accept her gift, ‘cause I don’t do green.

She was shocked!  Not because of my reaction to her hand-picked gift, as much as my refusal to include the abundant color of green into my life and into my wardrobe.  “But, Wendy, you are a red-head!  Green is a brilliant color for red hair.  You’ve got to try it, please………”, she pleaded with me.  Since our friendship was so dear to me, I caved in and put on the warm green cardigan.  After looking in the mirror, I was totally blown away by how radiant the color green was on me!

I will be forever grateful to Ange for paving the green way for me.  Green is a color of royalty, as Mother Nature herself has infiltrated her grass, her trees, her plants with green, green, green.  And guess what?  I am a tree hugger, a nature lover.  Green is also the color of money, and hey!, I love money!  Let’s not also forget, green is an impeccable complement to a red-headed vibrant woman, such as myself.

As I share this story, I hope you take a moment to look at your own life.  Maybe you didn’t have a dear friend like Ange to hit you over the head with something that was blocking you from something GREAT!  Just take a moment now.  What in your life were you told as a child (or even as an adult), that you know does not really make sense any more, but feels safer to hold on to anyway?

We are here for a short time to enjoy our lives, and make the most of this gift called LIFE.  So if there is something inhibiting such, why not let it go and see what’s behind door #2 or #3?  I am always amazed about how many doors fly open when I release the old and open up to the new.

I welcome you to share your “green” story right here in the comments below.   Thank you for hearing my story.

Big hugs to you,

Wendy Sue

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  1. Joey McGuire
    Joey McGuire says:

    Hi Wendy,

    Love your green story. I have one, too.

    My Uncle Dan was a huge Green Bay Packers fan when I was a kid. Growing up in Ohio, however, I was more of a Cincinnati Bengals fan. One year for Christmas, however, Uncle Dan bought me a Green Bay Packers toboggan, which was green and yellow. Even though I didn’t care much for the Packers at the time, I loved the green and yellow color combination. I wore the toboggan every chance I got.

    As an aside, I’m a huge Green Bay Packers fan today. I’m not sure how much Uncle Dan’s gift influenced me.

    Great to hear from you, Wendy. Thanks for all you do.


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