How To Make Sense & Make Peace With Today’s World

Help! This planet is spinning out of control…

So what is happening here? It’s becoming crazier and truly insane out there.

Unfortunately, this does not shock me, though it hurts me in a deep way, especially with a tribe of five to raise in this chaotic unsafe environment.

We are looking at shifts of energy all around us. For example, look at all the hatred and racism spitting out of the Republican Presidential candidate, as if we are a part of a rated B reality show when it comes to voting in the leader of the Free World. WHAT?!

Then look at Orlando, and the way Baptists actually protested at one of the victim’s funeral?! And the killer was born and raised in a Christian nation, as a New Yorker, so he felt great shame for having gay tendencies. I’ve met so many gay people who hated themselves because of religious doctrine and non-acceptance.

Just to reveal how deep this goes, I posted an article about how the Pope suggested that Catholics apologize for the way they treat gays (after Orlando, of course), and one Christian woman posted that she will not do so, as the Bible states that it is an abomination, so therefore, there is no questioning a book that is 2 K years old with many humans editing it over the years. My response was if Jesus came back and said the same thing, to love one another, including gays, she would still defend the bible. Tunnel vision has led us here, my friend!

Now we have a Rodney King level of chaos around us, and it is all wrong. It all effing sucks! No one should be killed, ever. Guns are everywhere and we are in danger as a nation, as a planet.

This is where my faith comes in, once again. It led me out of Skid Row with my tribe of five when their father threw me out on the street, to now. I know there is a Higher Source of Love. Some call this Source, God. But unfortunately, the name God has too much baggage. So for me, the Higher Source is LOVE. We need to pray, to love, and to let go of our own prejudices and anything that stands in the way of loving our human family, regardless of their skin color, their nationality, their religion, their sexual preference, etc. We are all here as a gift from the Source, and we are here to share the Source’s love. Not hate!

It really is in our hands now. As Gandhi states, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”


Underneath we are all the same