The Serendipitous Summer of ’13

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I’ve just completed a whirlwind of a summer with my tribe of 5 home for 2 1/2 months. There was 7 weeks of camp, which provided some sense of normality, but, as you can imagine, it was very busy and overwhelming much of the time.

So they started school this week, and this is my first time sitting down to write since June! Yes, I write for clients’ blogs and such, but I mean to write for me, which includes moving forward with a book I’ve been working on.

Yet, with all of this craziness, I must tell you the truth. This was one of my best Summers EVER! How so, you wonder?!

Let me list the serendipitous adventures for you:

~ The Summer started with a Divine unconditional love hug from Saint Amma, which not only filled me up with love and comfort, but gave me great hope for our Planet.

~ A good friend who was always there to help me with my kids, Kim, was packing up to move to Florida. I wanted to offer her a special thanks and goodbye gift, but had no idea what that looked like. Then came the Facebook post from a good friend that if any of his LA friends’ were interested, he could get us into the exclusive The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, an invite ONLY excursion.

So I jumped on it, and hooked up with a well-known Magician who was performing there that weekend, and who put me and Kim on his guest list! I found a last -minute babysitter, and we had a most exciting magical evening.

The main door to the inside of the Castle is a bookshelf with no doorknob, and the only way it opens is when you say, “Open Sesame”! Emoji

~ My tribe and I were invited to a friend’s beach party in Venice, which is literally his front yard, as his home is also his beach ashram.

Not only did the kids have a blast splashing around in the ocean, but we made new friends that have already blessed our lives tremendously.

One is Ken Weingart, a very talented professional photographer, who has done a complimentary photo shoot of Torah to expand his portfolio and for me to approach Agents with –> check it out at:

Our other new friend, Fanny, is also Jewish, and has invited us to several home cooked Shabbat dinners in her lovely beach home –> actually, we are going to be there tonight, as well!

~ It just keeps getting better! The last weekend of summer, Bonnie and her son, Nathan, who are a part of our Spiritual Family, invited us to go camping overnight at a local Wilderness Park in Redondo Beach. Now it is nothing like I am used to when I hear “wilderness”, but for a beach and concrete city, it is definitely reasonable!

They so lovingly brought all the food, tents, stove, etc., and we all had our first family camping experience! For me, it’s been almost 20 years, prior to marriage and motherhood, so it was a REAL Divine treat! Pictures of our trip can be found here. Enjoy!

~ Last, but most definitely not least, I had myself a romantic dinner and passionate moonlit beach kiss. No more information here, so don’t even think of asking! It just was what it was, and I look forward to more yin / yang interactions, which is like a red plump cherry on my already delicious sundae of life… Emoji

So, how was your Summer? Please share with me in the comment section here. Life is all about sharing and caring.

Big hugs to you,

Wendy Sue

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  1. Marinalva Sickler
    Marinalva Sickler says:

    My summer has been hot with ashes and gray sky. I made through it in front of the screen scrapbooking or writing a dreamed blog. It’s beautiful yours.

  2. Wendy Sue Noah
    Wendy Sue Noah says:

    Thank you, Sandy, Dayla and Marinalva for your posts and support! Dear Marinalva, do you live in Palm Springs? I’d love to read one of your dreamed blogs… <3

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